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The aim of our curriculum at Everton Nursery School and Family Centre is to encourage the all-round development of the child, socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually in a safe, secure and stimulating environment through reference to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We are committed to ensure the highest possible standards of learning and teaching for our young children at all times. We provide purposeful and inspiring learning environments for all children to play, learn and explore. We look, listen and note how children grow at their own rates and challenge them throughout their time at our Nursery School through carefully planned learning experiences. 
We plan using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 'Development Matters' framework and equip all children with broad and balanced learning experiences across all seven areas of learning and development - both indoors and outdoors!

Planning for children’s needs
Our curriculum is planned carefully for the developmental needs of all children under 5.  The phase of education for children aged 0-5 is called the Early Years Foundation Stage, which explores children's characteristics of effective learning through seven areas of learning and development:

The Early Years Foundation Stage is used to plan for the development of the whole child.  The children’s interests are used as starting points to stimulate learning.  

The Learning Environment
Although the nursery may look like an informal playroom, everything has been selected and put out for a purpose. Everything is designed to help children learn and acquire necessary skills.  For example; bead threading helps your child develop colour and shape recognition, sequencing, pattern making and hand-eye co-ordination, besides the creative pleasure the experience gives.
Each child will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials, equipment and activities including paint, collage materials, sand, water, large and small construction sets, ‘small world’ toys such as railways or doll’s houses, computers and other ICT equipment, dough, games, jigsaws, pens, pencils, crayons, paper, a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, and role play.
Children have access each day to our extensive, carefully planned outdoor environment and at certain times of day can choose to stay indoors or go outside as they wish.  Outside they have access to wheeled toys, climbing equipment, sand and water, quiet areas, as well as taking part in planting and maintaining the garden areas.  There is an extensive safety surface, and a series of ‘hills’ and pathways to explore.  The children also use the indoor hall for physical development activities on large apparatus, and for dance, music and movement activities.
Teacher input
Each class is led by an experienced and highly-qualified Foundation Stage Teacher. This Teacher leads an adult-led learning experience at the start of both morning and afternoon sessions to engage, interest and ignite children's passion for learning.  Each Teacher is supported by a qualified Level 3 Early Childhood Educator.  Both Teachers and Family Workers take the role of Family Worker (Key Workers) to the child and their family.
Family Worker Files
At Everton Nursery School, we believe that observing, reflecting, assessing and documenting children's learning, successes and achievements are crucial elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 
This process of documentation enables staff to consider individual children's progress to plan accordingly for future learning opportunities in order to meet the needs and stage of development for all children. 
Staff record these observations, reflections and assessments in children's individual Family Worker Files, which are both available to parents/carers at any opportunity.

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