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                                                                                                                            Posted 27th September 2023

Dear Candidates,

We have started a recruitment drive to attract additional Early Years Experts and Mentors for the remaining two terms of the Programme.


Skills we’re looking for

Applicants must have:

at least 3 years’ experience and if working in a settings it must be Ofsted rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ (or equivalent independent school inspection rating)
a level 6 or above early years qualification

Applicants may be working in:

nursery schools
private, voluntary, or independent (PVI) nurseries
other early years settings
early years roles within local authorities, universities, or similar organisations

If you have colleagues who you think would be interested in applying for a role in the programme please direct them to this page on our website.


It can be accessed here: Apply for

EOI Expert or EOI Mentor Role 

Contact Email:

The closing date for application is Friday October 13th 2023

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